Our Story

About Wise Pockets

Hi! I’m Sofia Overton.

I started my company, Wise Pocket Products, at 11 years old because I wanted to make life easier for active kids and better for kids in need.

One day, I saw my older cousin put her phone in her boot because she did not have any pockets in the leggings she was wearing. I never had pockets big enough to hold my phone either, so I tried it too. It was SO uncomfortable because it kept slipping down to my ankle. This gave me the idea for my first product, socks with a wise pocket!

I created my first prototype by adding a wisely placed inside pocket at the top of  the sock (that was big enough to hold my phone), and it worked great! But, I don’t plan on stopping there and am currently developing leggings with a wise pocket too!

There are lots of active kids like me that need a safe and stylish way to not only store their phones but other important items like epi pens or inhalers! There are also so many kids across the country that are in need, with 627 kids considered homeless in my school district alone! This is why our products give our buyers a chance to change the world one pair of socks at a time with us!

So, we give a new pair of socks to a kid in need for every pair of socks sold! Wise Pocket Products believes that if you make sure a child has warm feet they will always have a warm heart knowing that their community cares for them.

So be WISE like my logo says and buy our products! After all, Warm Feet = Warm Heart!



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